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The AUTOTROL COMMANDER Control system provides electronic technology that calculates soft water needs and regenerates only when necessary.  This means you can save up to 50% on salt and conserve water.

COMMANDER  systems are equipped with a turbulator that keeps resins beds cleaner and makes your water conditioner work better, longer.

The COMMANDER  water treatment system is the most efficient method for providing the right water quality. It is the solution for providing the homeowner with personal water management which will assure better quality water in the years ahead.




 255-460i Commander Control



Below are the manuals for the two Autotrol Systems shown here:

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Manual for the Autotrol Timer Valve - This manual will show you specs and information about the Autotrol Timer water softener valve.


Manual for the Autotrol On Demand Valve - This manual will show you specs and information about the Autotrol On Demand water softener valve.






Autotrol 400-Series Controls
Our original control series features economic time-clock, demand, and sensor-based operation. These efficient and reliable controls are an outstanding value.

  440i Mechanical Control (Timer)

Our most recent, serving the needs of millions of homeowners around the world, features:

- A simple design that provides outstanding reliability

- Easy operation and programming

- Six- or seven-day calendar options for application flexibility


For reliable, mechanically-initiated water conditioning, the 440i is the best value.

  460i Demand Control

The most economical, electronic demand-based control in the residential water softener market today, the 460i features:


- A sophisticated microprocessor-based control that meters water flow with a simple, one-piece turbine assembly

- Automatic regeneration with self-adjusting reserve capacity

- NOVRAM backup, which stores all the water usage and programmed data in the case of a power outage

Intelligent water conditioning begins with 460i demand control.